1. 2headedsnake:

    Andrei Varga

  2. artmonia:

    A selection of photographs by Diggie Vitt, an American photographer based in Florida.

  3. nearlya:

    Ian Ingram. charcoal and pastel on paper

  4. 2headedsnake:

Street artist Sepe


    Street artist Sepe

  5. septagonstudios:

elfandiary ON TUMBLR
  6. devidsketchbook:

    Gerhard Richter

    Aladin, 2010
    Enamel on back of glass
    37 x 50 cm each

    ( via: heathwest 

  7. lohrien:

    Illustrations by Fernanda Suarez dA l tumblr l shop

  8. lohrien:

    Illustrations by Patricia Ariel 

     behance l tumblr l shop

  9. lohrien:

    Illustrations by jmlan

  10. 2headedsnake:

    Lisa Scrimgeour

About me

Hello! You might know me as Xan, the founder of disintegratedsanity. This is my personal blog. I'm here to listen to anyone who might be in need, and I'm more than happy to help.

I personally suffer from bipolar type II with BPD features. Every singe day is a struggle living with a mental illness. But I'm always there for those in need.